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The Wayne Parents Care Committee is a sub-committee of the Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse. Newly formed, this is a group of parents and adults who have joined together for a common concern; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and the welfare of our youth.
We recognize the powerful impact of youth peer groups and the pressure it places on our kids. Children feel a sense of support and reinforcement when their peer group gives approval. Now, through Wayne Parents Care, parents and adults can achieve that same feeling of support and encouragement when they come together to develop a Safe Homes Parents Network.

Contact your Middle School PTO representative at either Anthony Wayne, George Washington or Schuyler Colfax to be included as a ‘Safe Home’ in your neighborhood. 

This is a program that empowers parents. It gives them a forum to meet and talk in a casual, non threatening atmosphere, discussing common concerns and possible solutions. Through Safe Homes, parents can obtain information about their children’s social scene and develop agreed upon guidelines and consequences.
The Safe Homes Parents Network can include parents of your children’s friends or parents from your school, or neighborhood. It can involve any adult who is interested and shares the same goals and concerns regarding today’s youth.
Parents working together provide unity and the consistency necessary to eliminate the pressures children feel to use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs to fit in with their peers. As a group, parents can agree on how to handle these difficult situations. They will know where their children are, what they are doing, who they are with and when they will be home. They will know that other parents will not allow alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in their homes, and that their children are being supervised by a “responsible adult” when visiting their home.
Who doesn’t want that?
Parents Working Together Make A Tremendous Difference In The Lives Of Children!
Get Started Today- Ask School to Start a Safe Homes Pledge
Questions or comments please call the Wayne Alliance at 973-694-1800 x3244 or through the Wayne Resident Support Center.
This pledge is not a legally binding contract, but rather an understanding between the network of parents. This is a directory for families to use as part of their normal safety research as children and teens visit each other’s homes. It is not meant to, nor does it replace any procedures used by parents to monitor their children’s activities. The use of this directory is strictly voluntary and no representations are made regarding the information contained in the directory. The parents listed in this directory, The Wayne Alliance and Wayne Township and its employees incur no liability for damages of any nature that may arise from the use of this directory.
This program has been adapted with permission from Pride-Omaha, Inc.
Wayne is too smart to do Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco!

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