Staff reports on current Land Use Board applications

Last Updated: 14 December 2017.

Township Agencies review all applications that are filed before the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment and submit reports for their consideration.  Below are reports for pending applications
before the Boards. 

DC Hospitality Group, LLC

350 Route 46; Block 103, Lot 39; HC District; PB-013-17
DC Hospitality Group, LLC ADA Report 2017-07-26
DC Hospitality Group, LLC Engineering Departmental Report 2017-08-18
DC Hospitality Group, LLC Planning Report 9-7-17
DC Hospitality Group, LLC Fire Bureau Report 20-17-08-25
DC Hospitality Group, LLC Health Report 2017-07-24
DC Hospitality Group, LLC Water & Sewer Report 2017-07-25
DC Hospitality Group LLC Fire Bureau Report 2017-11-30 
DC Hospitality Group LLC Home 2 Suites Engineering Report 2017-12-04
DC Hospitality Group LLC Land scape and Park Design Report 2017-12-01
DC Hospitality Group LLC Planning Department Report 2017-12-04
DC Hospitality Group LLC Water and Sewer Department Report 2017-11-27
DC Hospitality Group LLC WEC Wayne Environmental Commission Report 2017-12-01

Diane Stern

960 Pines Lake Drive West: Block 4406, Lot13; R-30 District; PB-026-16
Stern Engineering Division Report 2017-10-02

Donald J. Royce/Lauren A. Tirri
20 Seneca Trail; Block 1311, Lot 25; R-15 District; BOA-008-17
Royce Tirri Engineering Department Report 2017-07-10
Royce Tirri Planning Department Report 2017-07-03

Jahed Ahmad 
15 Lilro Court; Block 918, Lot 14; R-15 Zone; BOA-026-17
Amhad, Jahed Engineering Department Report 2017-11-27
Amhad, Jahed Planning Department Report 2017-12-13

Keith Bronkowski
753 Terhune Avenue; Block 4507, Lot 4; PB-018-17
Bronkowski Engineering Report 2017-08-17

MacGregor Realty, LCC, Huyler Realty, LCC and Castle Industrial Park II Limited Liability Company (Driscoll Foods)
74 & 76 Demarest Drive; Block 302, Lots 2 & 72; I & OS/GU Districts; PB-022-17
Driscoll Foods Engineering Report 2017-11-06
Driscoll Foods Health Department Report 2017-11-06
Driscoll Foods Planning Department Report 2017-11-03

Merita Karwoski and Zefkiser Sema
16 Grandview Drive; Block 2604, Lot 3; B zone; BOA-020-17
Karwoski Sema Engineering Department Report 2017-11-27 
Karwoski Sema Planning Department Report 2017-12-11  

McManus, James & Lorraine 
65 Oldham Road; Block 1902, Lot 115; BOA-017-17
McManus, James & Lorraine Engineering Department Report 2017-09-19

Michael Wood
23 Baywood Terrace; Block 3622, Lot 1; R-15 District; BOA-014-17
Wood, Michael Engineering Report 2017-09-12
Wood, Michael Planning Report Report 2017-09-12

Nedo Micic
158 Cherokee Trail; Block 4304, Lot 28; R-15 District; BOA-012-17
Micic, Nedo Engineering Report 2017-08-24
Micic, Nedo Planning Report 2017-09-12

Rich, Scott
57 Ellicott Lane; Block 2418, Lot 17; BOA-016-17
Rich, Scott Engineering Department Report 2017-09-19

Seritage SRC Finance, LLC
50 Route 46; Block 212, Lot 5; RR, Regional Retail District; PB-015-17
Seritage SRC Finance, LLC Planning Report 2017-10-3
Seritage SRC Finance, LLC Engineering Division Report 2017-10-3

SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church)
1559 & 1559 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3303, Lots 11 and 12; R-15 District; BOA-003-17
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Engineering Report 2017-08-28
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Health Department Report 2017-08-22
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Landscape & Park Design Report 2017-08-31
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Water & Sewer Report 2017-08-28
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Planning Department Report 2017-09-14
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) ADA Report 2017-08-25
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Fire Bureau Report 2017-08-16
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Tax Assessor Report 2017-08-14
SMS Real Estate, LLC (Calvary Gospel Church) Township Survey or Report 2017-08-16

Victor Domeneck
12 Parkhurst Street; Block 908, Lot 3; BOA-013-17
Domeneck, Victor Engineering Report 2017-08-28

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