DPW Sidewalk Replacement Program

Dear Homeowner:

Wayne Township has included 15 streets in the 2016 Sidewalk Replacement Program which will commence on or after July 18, 2016. The list of streets that are part of this program can be found on the attached Progress Schedule. A representative of the Engineering Division has and/or will inspect the sidewalks in front of your property.  A single white dot will identify the sidewalk slab(s) that have been affected by the Township shade trees and will be replaced by the Township.

All other sidewalk slabs are the homeowner’s responsibility.  It is recommended you inspect these sidewalk slabs (or have a responsible party advise you) to determine which slabs (if any) are in need of repair and/or replacement. Please be advised that Chapter 180, Section 180-32 of the Township Code provides that the repair of these slabs is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the property abutting the sidewalk.  

The Township’s sidewalk contractor is Consolidated Maintenance Solutions, LLC.  You may contact them at (862)-432-0299 if you are interested in engaging them to replace defective sidewalk slabs that are your responsibility.  Any such arrangements are strictly between the property owner and the contractor and Wayne Township will in no way be involved in any aspect thereof.

The Contractor’s actions may inadvertently damage private facilities such as lawn sprinklers or silent dog fences.  It is the Contractor’s responsibility to repair such facilities within five days of reporting.   If you experience any damage, please contact the Engineering Division @ 973-694-1800, Ext 3414, even if you have discussed this with the Contractor and/or the Township’s Inspector.

Information concerning the Sidewalk Replacement Program, including the order the streets will be reached and anticipated dates, is noted on the following spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Engineering Division @ 973-694-1800, Ext 3414.  


7/18 - 7/20
Section 1
Debbie Court
Nathan Way

7/21 - 8/3
Section 2
Almadera Drive
Larkspur Road

8/4 - 8/24
Section 3
Andover Drive
Augusta Drive
Dwight Street
Hinchmann Avenue
Hamburg Turnpike
Atwood Place

8/25-  8/31
Section 4
Mandon Drive
Woodland Court
Melanie Lane
Wayne Library

9/01 - 9/09
Section 5
Baker Street
Stirling Lane
Tall Oaks Drive

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