Animal Control

Wayne Animal Control, a Division of the Wayne Health Department, handles hundreds of complaints a year ranging from barking dogs to animal cruelty. If there is an animal issue you may call our office at 973-694-9295 or email us. We will take the appropriate action to rectify a problem or counsel the complaining party as to their rights and possible course of action. Animal to human bites and animal-to-animal bites are to be reported to Animal Control for implementation of rabies protocol.

The Wayne Animal Control Division performs an ongoing animal census by going door to door in the various neighborhoods throughout the Township in order to identify unlicensed dogs and cats. The licensing process allows for an effective rabies control program. Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus and if left untreated, it will attack the nervous system and cause death. Owners of unlicensed domestic animals may face legal action when identified by Animal Control, so owners should be sure their cats and dogs are licensed each year.

The license renewal period begins the first business day and ends February 15th. Renewals after this period are subject to a $10.00 late fee per animal. Please be advised that the Health Department does not mail hard copy reminders about renewing licenses. It is the animal owners' responsibility to make sure this is done annually. If you would like an email reminder, please email us or call us at 973-694-1800 ext. 3313 to submit your email address. You will then begin receiving license renewal reminders and other pertinent pet information electronically. The submitted email addresses are preserved for this use only and are not shared.

Wayne Township offers free Rabies Vaccinations to all dogs and cats. There are three clinics in May and one clinic in November at the Town Garage on Dey Road. Initial rabies vaccinations for Cats or Dogs are good for one year; subsequent shots are considered boosters and are for a three-year duration. Dogs and cats may be licensed once they have a current rabies vaccination that does not expire before November 1st of each licensing year. Renewals applications for licenses are available online or in-person at the Town Hall 475 Valley Road.

Information or applications for Low-Cost Spay/Neuter programs are available through Animal Control. There are definite health benefits besides cutting down on overpopulation to altering your pet. Please call Animal Control at 973-694-9295 or email us for in-depth information on the various programs available and health issues.

For further information on Animal Rescue, please read the article "How to Know When an Animal Needs to be Rescued".

For further information on animal cruelty laws, refer to the Cruelty Laws, the Penalties for Various Acts Constituting Cruelty, and the Guide to Prevention of Animal Cruelty Laws.

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