Passaic County New Jersey

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Announcing Changes to Recycling Collection

Recycling and Solid Waste


Starting July 1st, Commingled Recycling and Paper Recycling will be collected on alternate weeks.

Your commingled recycling (glass, plastic and cans) will be collected the first week of July and the following week your paper recycling will be collected. Collections will alternate every week from there forward. You will have either Commingled or Paper recycling every week.

Your Route Number will stay the same, but your Recycling collection day may change.

There are no collections on July 4th. The alternate day for July 4th commingled collection for Routes 1, 2 and 3 is Saturday, July 1st. There is no alternate collection for vegetative waste or garbage collection.

Please check the Recycling Brochure, or download the Recycle Coach App for more information. The Recycle Coach App will be updated prior to July 1st to show the new schedule.

Using the brochure, you can look up your route number for your street address and then check the calendar in the brochure for your collection days.

The RecycleCoach App available on your phone can also be set up to provide reminders of collection dates.

Your schedule for Vegetative Waste and Garbage collection has not changed.