Application Documents

Last Updated: 09 July 2020.

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment hears applications for land development requiring site plan approval, subdivision approval, variance relief, and EP Waiver relief. Applications are submitted through the Planning & Zoning Department and are sent to Township departments and agencies for review in advance of the Board's hearing. Below is a list of active applications pending a hearing and decision by the respective Boards. Application documents, including the application form, architectural and engineering drawings, and other documents can be found here as can the reports of the various departments conducting a review of the application. Once the Board has decided an application and adopted its memorializing resolution, the application will be moved to the archive page where it can be found organized alphabetically by street name.

8 Galesi Dr, LLC; 20 Galesi Dr, Block 400 Lot 9

247 Black Oak Ridge Road Associates, LLC; 247 Black Oak Ridge Road, Block 2421, Lot 25

1777 Wayne Medical, LLC, 1777 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3305, Lot 3

Campanello, Donato, 499 Newark Pompton Turnpike; Block 1618, Lot 26

Cole, Marie & Robert, 36 Van Dere Linde Rd., Block 3306, Lot 17

El Sayed Eldesouky, 29 Carlisle Rd, Block 1108, Lot 26

ELRAC, Inc, Block 1602, Lots 1.01 & 1.04

Fikret Ceca; 5 Lewis Street, Block 702, Lot 1

Jacek Rostek, 711 Berdan Avenue, Block 3703, Lot 13

Laurie and Lawrence Chalfin, Block 4610, Lot 1

Lee, Kenneth and Christine Lim; 7 Diorio Court, Block 302, Lot 30.04

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

MCBS-RENJ Wayne LLC (Wawa), 1512 Route 23; Block 1409, Lot 2

Mane USA Inc., 60 Demarest Drive; Black 746, Lot 1

Milkyway Education Center, Inc.; 164 Totowa Road; Block 717, Lot 11

Tomkevich, Petr; 32 Pocahontas Drive, Block 725, Lot 2

Tomkevich, Petr, 57 Riverlawn Drive, Block 209 Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-023
Applicant:  8 Galesi Drive, LLC
Address:  20 Galesi Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 400 Lot 9

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-033
Applicant:  247 Black Oak Ridge Road Associates
Address:  247 Black Oak Ridge Road
Block/Lot:  Block 2421, Lot 25

Docket Number: PB-036-18
Applicant: 782 Alps Road LLC
Address: 782 Alps Road
Block/Lot:  Block 1301, Lot 28 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-012
Applicant:  1777 Wayne Medical, LLC
Address:  1777 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 3305, Lot 3 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-034
Applicant:  Barbera Thomas Goerg, Kim
Address:  25 Oakley Way
Block/Lot:  Block 1206, Lot 17

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-001
Applicant:  Campanello, Donato 
Address:  499 Newark Pompton Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 1618, Lot 26 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-026
Applicant:  Cole, Marie & Robert
Address:  36 Van Dere Linde Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 3306, Lot 17 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-030
Applicant:  El Sayed Eldesouky 
Address:  29 Carlisle Rd 
Block/Lot:  Block 1108, Lot 26 

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-022
Applicant:  ELRAC, Inc
Address:  1550 Route 23
Block/Lot:  Block 1602, Lots 1.01 & 1.04

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-032
Applicant:  Fikret Ceca
Address:  5 Lewis Street
Block/Lot:  Block 702, Lot 1

Docket Number:  PB-2020-016 
Applicant:  Jacek Rostek
Address:  711 Berdan Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 3703, Lot 13

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-035
Applicant:  Laurie and Lawrence Chalfin
Address:  1262 Pines Lake Drive West
Block/Lot:  Block 4610, Lot 1

Docket Number:  PB-2020-015
Applicant:  Kenneth Lee and Christine Lim
Address:  7 Diorio Court
Block/Lot:  Block 302, Lot 30.04

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

Docket Number:  PB-2020-014 
Applicant:  Mane USA Inc.
Address:  60 Demarest Drive
Block/Lot:  Block 746, Lot 1 

Docket Number:  PB-2019-027
Applicant:  MCBS-RENJ Wayne LLC (Wawa) 
Address:  1512 Route 23 
Block/Lot:  Block 1409, Lot 2 

Docket Number:  PB-038-18
Applicant:  Milkyway Education Center, Inc.
Address:  164 Totowa Rd
Block/Lot:  Block 717, Lot 11

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-015
Applicant:  Tomkevich, Petr
Address:  32 Pocahontas Trail
Block/Lot:  Block 725, Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2019-016
Applicant:  Tomkevich, Petr 
Address:  57 Riverlawn Drive 
Block/Lot:  Block 209 Lot 2

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