Application Documents

Last Updated: 11 November 2022.

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment hears applications for land development requiring site plan approval, subdivision approval, variance relief, and EP Waiver relief. Applications are submitted through the Planning & Zoning Department and are sent to Township departments and agencies for review in advance of the Board's hearing. Below is a list of active applications pending a hearing and decision by the respective Boards. Application documents, including the application form, architectural and engineering drawings, and other documents can be found here as can the reports of the various departments conducting a review of the application. Once the Board has decided on an application and adopted its memorializing resolution, the application will be moved to the archive page where it can be found organized alphabetically by street name.

1591 Alps Rd LLC - 1591-1593 Alps Road, Block 2604, Lots 1 & 2

Grandover Pointe Condominium Association c/o Wilkin Management Group - Levinberg Lane, Block 3207, Lot 12

Green Drop - 1400 Willowbrook Boulevard, Block 212, Lot 4

Guillermo Campos - 13 Tammy Terrace, Block 1105, Lot 2

Karacica, Bekim - 1 Ashlyn Court; Block 2516, Lot 35

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

Milich, Alex - 38 Circle Avenue; Block 4502, Lot 28

North Jersey Country Club - 594 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3100, Lot 4

Ohle Residence, 6 Fern Terrace, Block 1700, Lot 20

Pompton Development LLC - 438 Pompton Road; Block 2904, Lot 2

Regency Centers - 625 Hamburg Turnpike, Block 2800, Lot 2

Sadej, Jozef and Renata - 26 Smith Lane; Block 2610, Lot 11.02

Semeraro, Frank Construction, 352 Oldham Road, Block 2000, Lot 1

SMS Real Estate, LLC - 1599 Hamburg Turnpike; Block 3303, Lots 11 & 12

Stern, Diane 960 Pines Lake Drive, Block 4406, Lot 13

Summer Hill of Wayne, L.P. - 2100 Summer Hill Road, Block 3700, Lot 82

Docket Number:  PB-2022-007 
Applicant:   1591 Alps Road LLC
Address:   1591-1593 Alps
Block/Lot:   Block 2604, Lots 1 & 2

Docket Number:  PB-2022-007 
Applicant:  Grandover Pointe Condominium Association c/o Wilkin Management Group 
Address:  Levinberg Lane 
Block/Lot:  Block 3207, Lot 12 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-017
Applicant:  Green Drop
Address:  1400 Willowbrook Boulevard
Block/Lot:  Block 212, Lot 4

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-042
Applicant:  Guillermo Campos
Address:  13 Tammy Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1105, Lot 2

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-010
Applicant:  Karacica, Bekim
Address:  1 Ashlyn Court
Block/Lot:  Block 2516, Lot 35

Master Plan Consistency Reviews

Docket Number:  PB-2022-005
Applicant:  Milich, Alex
Address:  38 Circle Avenue
Block/Lot:  Block 4502, Lot 28

Docket Number:  BOA-2021-038
Applicant:  North Jersey Country Club
Address:  594 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3100, Lot 4

Docket Number:  PB-2022-020
Applicant:  Ohle Residence
Address:  6 Fern Terrace
Block/Lot:  Block 1700, Lot 20

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-012 
Applicant:  Pompton Development LLC 
Address:  438 Pompton Road 
Block/Lot:  Block 2904, Lot 2. 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-006 
Applicant:  Regency Centers
Address:  625 Hamburg Turnpike 
Block/Lot:  Block 2800, Lot 2 

Docket Number:  PB-2022-022
Applicant:  Sadej, Jozef and Renata
Address:  26 Smith Lane
Block/Lot:  Block 2610, Lot 11.02

Docket Number:   PB-2022-018
Applicant:   Frank Semeraro Construction
Address:   352 Oldham Road
Block/Lot:   Block 2000, Lot 1

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-027
Applicant:  SMS Real Estate
Address:  1599 Hamburg Turnpike
Block/Lot:  Block 3303, Lots 11 & 12

Docket Number:  BOA-2022-013
Applicant:  Stern, Diane & Manfred
Address:  960 Pines Lakes Drive West
Block/Lot:  Block 4406, Lot 13

Docket Number:  PB-2022-017
Applicant:  Summer Hill of Wayne, L.P.
Address:  2100 Summer Hill Road
Block/Lot:  Block 3700, Lot 82

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