Passaic County New Jersey

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Blue Acres



What is Blue Acres?

Blue Acres is a voluntary, state-led flood buyout program that works with willing sellers to purchase their home that has been damaged by storm events or is prone to future flooding. To assist homeowners with flood recovery and prevention, Blue Acres offers Fair Market Value and evaluates participants for supplemental assistance or incentives, which are monies available in addition to the value of the home, to help ensure that offer amounts allow homeowners to pay off existing debt on the home (mortgage, liens, etc.) and have some proceeds from the sale to secure comparable replacement housing that is safe and outside of flood-prone areas.

Apply for a Flood Buyout ASAP

Homeowners who wish to participate in the voluntary flood buyout program must express interest in a buyout by applying directly to the program. Blue Acres buyouts are strictly voluntary, and homeowners can change their mind or withdraw from participation at any time.

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