Special Needs Registry

Dear Residents, 

The Wayne Police Department would like to better serve the Autistic/Special Needs community. To further assist this community we are asking parents/guardians and caretakers of Autistic/Special Needs individuals to complete the attached Emergency Information Form. This form will enhance police officer(s) communication and response skills. The completed form will be entered into our computer database, allowing responding police officers to access the information you have provided on the emergency form. This will provide the officer with a better understanding of how to handle the situation. Our goal is to provide effective and safe outcomes with every call we handle and these forms will help us achieve that goal.

All information you provide will only be entered into our police database and will be strictly confidential. We also would like to recommend submitting a photograph of the person on the form so that we could better identify someone in the event that they went missing. Please return the emergency information form at your earliest convenience to the Records Bureau of the Wayne Police Department. Thank you for helping us assist the Autistic/Special Needs citizens in our community.

Chief James Clarke

Special Needs Registry Form