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Continued Certificate of Occupancy

Building Department


What is a Continued Certificate of Occupancy (CCO)?
The Township of Wayne requires a Continued Certificate of Occupancy for the sale and rental of certain residential units including, but not limited to, one or two-family homes, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums. No residential premises may be changed in tenancy, use or ownership unless a Certificate of Continued Occupancy has been issued by the Enforcement Officer. (Township Code: Section 100)

The inspection of the residential premises shall include a determination that the residential premises conforms, in all respects, to the Zoning and Property Maintenance Ordinances of the Township. If the inspection reveals items such as, but not limited to, additions, attic or basement apartments, finished basements, garages, sheds or pools, second kitchens and/or decks, a determination must be made that the aforementioned were installed or constructed either with the required permits or by virtue of a grant of a variance.

If the change of tenancy, use or ownership is between immediate family members (spouse to spouse, parent to child, or sibling to sibling only), no CCO is required.

CCO inspections will not be scheduled if there are any open permits on the property. Residents who are selling their homes should search for any open permits to avoid expediting fees for inspections sooner than 10 days after submittal of the application and closure of all permits.


Upon submission of a CCO application, the CCO Enforcement Officer has 15 business days to perform the inspections and either issue a certificate, or notify the applicant as to the reason(s) why the residential premises failed the inspection. Note that this 15-day clock starts once it is determined that there are no open permits on the residential unit.

Apply and pay the base application fee for the CCO online.

Once the application is submitted and the application fee is paid, the Building Department will check to see if there are any open permits on the property. Open permits must be inspected and closed out before the CCO inspection can be scheduled. You will be contacted by the Building Department if there are any open permits.

Once the Building Department determines that all permits have been closed, you will be contacted by the CCO office to schedule the CCO inspection.

Expediting fees are assessed for inspections needed sooner than 10 days after the application and closure of all permits.

Contact the CCO Office at CCO or 973-694-1800 x 3263

Once issued, a CCO is valid for 90 days. If the closing does not occur within 90 days of the issuance of the CCO certificate, the certificate expires and you must reapply for a CCO.

The items inspected during the CCO inspection are listed on the CCO Checklist.

If there are open permits or if deficiencies are found during the inspection the Township may grant permission to close upon receipt of a purchaser’s agreement and acceptance by Enforcement Officer. The letter must state who will be responsible for the correction of deficiencies and provide the contact information of the buyer. No agreement shall be granted for more than 60 days. The buyer is responsible to contact the CCO office and schedule the inspection.

Fire Inspections
Separate from this process, you also need a CCO Fire Inspection. Contact the Fire Bureau at 973-694-1800, x 3300 for information obtaining a CCO Fire Inspection.