Passaic County New Jersey

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Economic Development Commission

Boards and Committees



There shall be an Economic Development Commission of the Township of Wayne. It shall consist of thirteen (13) members, (11) shall be residents of the Township or members of the business community of the Township appointed by the Township Council for a term of (5) years, and (1) shall be a member of the Township Council appointed by the Council President for a term of one (1) year, and (1) member shall be the President of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce whose term shall coincide with their term as President.

The duties of the Economic Development Commission shall be as follows:

  1. Prepare a commercial use survey and inventory for the Township, monitor commercial uses and commercial tax ratables and assist businesses and attract businesses which will make a major contribution to the economy of the Township
  2. Develop and maintain an inventory of available, vacant or under-utilized properties, commercial properties, including properties to be used for economic development, according to its adaptability to various types of business, professional and industrial enterprises.
  3. Coordinate efforts with county and state economic development agencies, as well as any regional, federal, or private agencies, in an attempt to foster or effectuate a positive commercial economic environment for the Township.
  4. Assist the Township administration and the Township Council, if requested, in the preparation of applications for any grants or funding which would help facilitate efforts to research the availability of such grants or funding.
  5. Coordinate with the Small Business Administration and any other federal, state, or local agencies to assist or promote business or commerce in order to enable the Commission to give guidance and information to businesses that desire to start up or relocate to the Township.
  6. To prepare, develop and distribute advertising material and data listing the advantages, opportunities, and availability of real estate in the Township to encourage and accomplish business, industrial and professional services within the Township
  7. Confer with the Township Administration, Township Council, the Planning Board and other municipal agencies, as necessary, concerning land use issues, ordinances, and resolutions that may have an impact upon commercial and retail

The commission meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm, in the Mayor’s Conference Room of the municipal complex.

Economic Development Commission Agendas & Minutes

You can reach the commission by calling 973-694-1800 or by fax at 973-694-8136.