Historic House Museums, Structures and Sites

The Wayne Township Parks and Recreation Department owns and operates three historic house museums: Schuyler-Colfax House, Van Riper-Hopper House, and Van Duyne House. All three were put on the National and State Registers of Historic Places in the category of construction and design. The Wayne Historical Commission provides vital support to the museums by raising funds, acquiring artifacts, and writing the history of Wayne. Van Riper-Hopper House and Van Duyne House at 533 Berdan Ave. are open by appointment year-round.

Schuyler-Colfax Historic House Museum
Schuyler-Colfax Historic House Museum – 2343 Hamburg Turnpike

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This building is credited to settler Arent Schuyler, and is Wayne's oldest house. It is one of a few colonial homesteads built circa 1700 on the east coast of the U.S.A., with an existing huge fireplace without sides called jambless.  The house was placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places because of its construction and design.  Eight generations of the Schuyler-Colfax family resided in the house, producing military, medical, legal and governmental representatives. When the house was sold in 1993 to the Township of Wayne, the family left behind written records and artifacts. The older sections of the house are the lower elevation sections. After the Revolutionary War, Hester Schuyler married Captain William Colfax, the Captain of George Washington’s Life Guard. They are credited with building the two-story portion. The Schuyler-Colfax House is currently closed for rehabilitation.

Dey Mansion Battle Retreat
The Dey Mansion/Washington's Headquarters Museum – 199 Totowa Road

 Located in Wayne, The Dey Mansion is owned and operated by Passaic County Department of Parks and Recreation, not the Township of Wayne.  Begun in 1740 by Dirk Dey and completed by his son Colonel Theunis Dey, this mansion served as General George Washington's headquarters in 1780.To contact the mansion, call 973-696-1776.or Passaic County.
For information on Dey Mansion, call 973-696-1776.

Historic Structures and Sites
Van Saun House - 23 Laauwe Avenue: This old Dutch home was built in 1769 by Samuel Van Saun and is presently a private residence. Major-General Marquis de Lafayette made this home his headquarters during the 1780 encampment of the Continental Army. The still active spring, which flows into the Singac Brook, maintains a 34 degree temperature year round and refreshed many a man and horse.

Mead House - 231 Parish Drive: Built in 1780 by Jacob K. Mead, a direct descendant of the founder of Mead's Basin, this home forms the left wing of the huge mansion built in 1929 by LeGrand Parish. The house is now owned by the Lakeland Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship.

Ryerson Homestead - 44 Newark-Pompton Turnpike: Built in 1784 by Abraham Ryerson, who is a direct descendant of one of Wayne's first settlers. This home is now a private residence and also serves as a business location.

Henry Casey House - 1329 Hamburg Turnpike: The first Wayne Township organizational meeting took place in this house on April 12, 1847. It is currently a private residence and a business address.

Demarest House - 378 Fairfield Road: This 1760 homestead is believed to have been built by John Ryerson, and used as a parsonage for the Dutch Reformed Churches. It was dismantled and rebuilt in 1850 to rid the house of ghosts. The Demarest family bought it in 1814. It is now owned privately.

Terhune Memorial (Sunnybank) - Terhune Drive: In 1860, the Reverend Edward Payson Terhune and his bride settled on this sloping hill on the east shore of Pompton Lake. Their son, Albert Payson Terhune, was raised here and became famous as the author of Lad and other dog stories. Headstones mark the graves of favorite dogs. Sunnybank is now a town park. The house was in too great a state of disrepair to be saved.

Tollkeeper House - 2332 Hamburg Turnpike: Built in the 1700's to house George Colfax, the toll collector on the road from Paterson to Hamburg. To supplement his income, Colfax was also a cobbler. This home currently is a private residence.

Mountainview Schools: The first school was a dug-out school built in 1743 on what is now Parish Drive near the Community Fire Company Number One. In 1812 a new Mountain View School was built on Boonton Road. In 1920 a newer school was built across the street at 64 Boonton Road., and the old school was converted into the Town Hall of Wayne. It presently houses American Legion Post 174. The school on Boonton Road is now a bank.

Old Preakness Schools - 1006 Hamburg Turnpike: The small white building was built in 1866 as a single story structure to be used as old district school #14. A second story was added and it was renamed School #2. While still owned by the town, it is rented to a business. The newer school, which closed in 1977, is now the Wayne Civic Center and houses the Preakness Branch of the Wayne Public Library.

The Preakness Reformed Church Cemetery - 131 Church Lane: This is the only public cemetery in Wayne. Stones dating back to 1798 include names of those prominent in the town's early history - Berdan, Van Riper, MacDonald, Hinchman, Ratcliffe, Garside. A self-guided tour is available at the Church.

Adapted from Know Your Town Wayne New Jersey Published by the League of Women Voters of Wayne Township.

Wayne Township Structures and Sites of National and/or State significance


Schuyler–Colfax House

2343 Paterson-Hamburg Tpke

Circa 1700

Oldest House and Museum - On National and State Registers of Historic Places


Dey Mansion

199 Totowa Road


Gen Washington Hdqtrs
Museum - On National and State Registers of Historic Places


Samuel Van Saun House

23 Laauwe Ave


Gen Lafayette Hdqtrs


Van Riper–Hopper House

533 Berdan Ave


Museum - On National and State Registers of Historic Places


Mead–Van Duyne House

533 Berdan Ave, ex Fairfield Rd 1706


Museum - Removed from National Register when moved from original site. On State Register of Historic Places.

Wayne Township Location Directory to Other Hsitoric Structures and Sites


American Legion Hall

Mountain View Blvd

School – Town Hall


Blind Man’s House

27 Newark-Pompton Tpke

Mr. Burdett’s son wrote book


Henry Casey House

1329 Paterson-Hamburg Tpke

1st Town Meeting

Geo Washington Colfax House

Dawes Highway (moved – razed)



Demarest House

427 Fairfield Road

1760 private residence



Terhune Drive (raised)

nursing home site now


Demont-Ryerson Store

20 Newark–Pompton Tpke


Gabriel’s Hotel (Hixon)

95 Mountain View Blvd


Mead – Parish House

231 Parish Drive

Unitarian/Universalist Fellowship


Preakness Reformed Church and Cemetery

131 Church Lane

Oldest Church


Shackelton’s (canal) Store

90 Mountain View Blvd


Thomas Van Saun House

1158 Preakness Ave

Flying Hospital Site


Sheffield Farms

861 Black Oak Ridge Road




1022 Paterson Hamburg Tpk. 

Oldest School


William B. Ryerson House

452 Newark-Pompton Tpk. 

Lucas Ryerson – tall clock maker

21 H. George L. Ryerson House

44 Newark-Pompton Tpk. Built 1784 - Commercial Building

WOOW Radio – Voice of America transmitting station

Ryerson Avenue (west end)

Demolished in 1996

Town Hall

475 Valley Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
Weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm
Tuesdays open until 7:00 pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
Closed on State Holidays

Wayne DPW Complex

201 Dey Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
Weekdays 7:00am-3:30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
Closed on State Holidays