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Nursing FAQ

Where do I dispose of used or new (no longer needed) needles?
Chilton Medical Center- Access Center accepts the needles, call them at 973-831-5191 for further information.

Where do dispose of medication that is expired or no longer needed?
The Wayne Police Department has a Project Medicine Drop Box in their lobby for pills and capsules.  Liquids can be disposed of by mixing them with coffee grounds or kitty litter and putting them in a sealable bag or container and throwing them in your household garbage.  DO NOT FLUSH THEM DOWN THE SINK OR TOILET. 

Do you offer to test for Tuberculosis (TB)?
We offer the Mantoux test, also called the PPD test.  The test is done by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Fee - $10

Do you offer children’s vaccines?
Yes, we provide vaccines for children through the New Jersey Vaccine For Children Program (VFC) on the 1st Friday morning of each month (except July), to children who qualify for the VFC program. To find out if your child qualifies and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3373 or 3374.  There is no charge for the vaccines, there is a $10 fee for the visit.

Do you offer any vaccines for adults?
Yes, we offer the following vaccines through the New Jersey Adult-317 (VFC) Program: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR Varicella (chickenpox), Gardasil (HPV), Meningococcal, and TDaP. To find out if you qualify for these vaccines and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3373 or 3374. There is a $10 fee for the visit.

We offer other vaccines for adults for a fee.  Flu - $15 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO),

Prevnar - $25 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO), Pneumonia - $25 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO), and the shingles vaccine - $175.

How do I register for the flu clinics?
You can register online or by calling 973-694-1800 extension 3281. The flu vaccine is available for everyone 6 months and up. The fee is $15 or free with Medicare Part B (no HMO).

What are the qualifications required to sign up for the dental clinic?
The dental clinic is open to children ages 5 years – 18 years, students ages 19 years – 21 years and seniors 65 years and older with no dental insurance.  The dental clinic is also open to anyone ages 22 years – 64 years with no dental insurance and shows financial need.  Call 973-694-1800 extension 3237 for an application and/or schedule an appointment.  There is a $10 fee for all visits.

When do you offer the SMAC blood test?
The SMAC blood test is offered twice a year in April and in September (at our Health Fair).  To schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3281.

Do you offer men’s or women’s cancer screenings?
Yes, the men’s cancer screening is offered twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

The women’s cancer screening is offered four times a year, twice in the spring and twice in the fall.  For information on fees and/or to schedule an appointment call 973-694-1800 extension 3241.

Can you check my blood pressure?
We offer blood pressure clinics on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 3 pm – 4 pm. There is no fee for this service and no appointments are needed.

Do your offer in-home nursing services?
No, we do not, except for the administration of the flu and pneumonia vaccines. For further information and/or to schedule a visit call 973-694-1800 extension 3238.

Do you offer CPR/AED training?
We offer CPR/AED training once a month (as needed), on the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 7 pm – 10 pm. The class is offered through St. Joseph’s Medical Center.  The cost is $45.

Do you know which vaccines I need to travel?  Do you provide travel vaccines?
For a complete up to date list of vaccines required to travel to each country go to the CDC’s website: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/.  We do not provide travel vaccines.

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