Passaic County New Jersey

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Building Permits and Inspections

Building Department


(973)694-1800, Ext. 3261

All construction or modifications to houses, buildings, or properties require a Construction Permit (commonly known as a “building permit”). This is regulated by the State of New Jersey and is administered under the Uniform Construction Code Regulations. This Division provides assistance to residents, reviews permit applications, issues permits when proper, and inspects construction. This construction and the inspections must conform to various National Codes and State Regulations. All Inspectors are licensed by the State and also pass various courses and tests to be licensed. If anyone plans on making any improvements or modifications to their land or structure, they should contact the Construction Inspection Offices to gain the advice and direction necessary to comply with local or State regulations.

Wayne Township is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. All forms, rules, and regulations can be found on DCA’s website:

This Division is headed by the Construction Code Official with offices located at the Municipal Building at 475 Valley Road.