Roads and Snow Removal

Operations Division - Roads 973-694-6909
Snow Desk 973-694-6909 x 4310 only active during snow events
201 Dey Road

This group provides for the maintenance and repair of all municipal public roads within the Township including all pavement and asphalt berm repairs.

This Division also provides snow removal and sanding or salting operations as needed. During large snow events, the Snow Desk is staffed for the duration of the storm. Please call the Snow Desk at 973-694-6909 x 4310 for inquiries or complaints during these times.

To report a pot hole or road damage, please notify the appropriate entity below:

  • TOWNSHIP ROADS: Wayne Operations Division by Reporting a Problem or by phone at 973-694-6909, extension 4322. Any complaint that the Township receives about potholes on a Township owed and maintained road will be responded to in an expeditious manner.
  • STATE ROADS - Routes 23, 46, 80 and University Place – Contact the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) by phone at 1-800-POTHOLE or email at
  • PASSAIC COUNTY ROADS (See List Below): Contact the Passaic County Road Division by phone at 973-881-4500 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 County Roads List
  • Alps Road
  • Berdan Avenue
  • Black Oak Ridge Road
  • Central Avenue
  • Church Lane
  • Colfax Road
  • Dawes Highway
  • Erie Avenue
  • Fairfield Road
  • French Hill Road
  • Greenwood Avenue
  • Hamburg Turnpike
  • Holy Cross Way
  • Jackson Avenue
  • Lakeside Avenue
  • Legion Place
  • Maple Avenue
  • Mountain View Boulevard
  • Newark Pompton Turnpike
  • Oldham Road
  • Parish Drive
  • Pompton Road
  • Pompton Plains Crossroads
  • Preakness Avenue
  • Ratzer Road
  • Reinhardt Road
  • Riverview Drive
  • Terhune Drive
  • Totowa Road
  • Valley Road (except between Ratzer Road & Hamburg Turnpike)
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Wayne DPW Complex

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