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Wayne Township Council Members 2024
2024 Township Council (Pictured from left to right) Councilman Jonathan Ettman, Councilman Richard Jasterzbski, Councilwoman Francine Ritter, Councilwoman Jill Sasso, (Seated) Council President Jason DeStefano, Councilman Joseph Scuralli, Councilman Al Sadowski, Councilman David Varano and Councilman Michael Fattal

On January 1, 1962, Wayne Township adopted the Mayor-Council Plan of the Optional Municipal Charter Law of New Jersey commonly known as the Faulkner Act.

The Mayor-Council Plan of the Faulkner Act is a “strong mayor” form of government. It is a “presidential” system of government, modeled after the federal and state governments. The Mayor-Council Plan consists of two separate and co-equal power centers, each directly elected by the people: the Mayor as chief executive, and the Council as the municipal legislature. The Mayor-Council plan makes a virtue of the idea of divided and shared power. Neither Mayor nor Council has the absolute last word in all instances. This system of government requires constant consultation between the Mayor and the Council always acting as a check and balance on the other.

A nine-member Council forms the Legislative Branch of the township government. One Council member is elected from each of the six wards and three are elected at-large each with a term of four years.

Our 2024 Governing Officials are:

  • Ward 1 Councilman Richard Jasterzbski (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2001 | Email
  • Ward 2 Councilman Al Sadowski (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2002 | Email
  • Ward 3 Councilman Michael Fattal (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2003 | Email
  • Ward 4 Councilman Joseph Scuralli (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2004 | Email
  • Ward 5 Councilwoman Francine Ritter (D) | 973-694-1800 x 2005 | Email
  • Ward 6 Councilman Jonathan Ettman (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2006 | Email
  • At Large Councilman & Council President Jason DeStefano (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2007 | Email
  • At Large Councilwoman Jill M. Sasso (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2008 | Email
  • At Large Councilman David Varano (R) | 973-694-1800 x 2009 | Email

To determine your Ward Council Representative, please click the link below to search what Ward you live in by street name.  Once you search your address scroll down to Voting District Information.

Polling Place Search/Ward Search

You may also contact Council members through the Township Clerks Office at 973-694-1800 x3207 or x3208.


This summary is prepared to assist you in understanding the proceedings at the Township Council meetings. Should you have any questions relating to local government, call the Township Clerk’s Office – 973-694-1800 ext. 3346.


Under the Optional Municipal Charter Law, Mayor-Council Plan, as adopted in 1962, the nine-member Township Council is the Township’s governing body. There are 6 Ward Councilmember’s, one elected from each Ward, and 3 at-large Councilmember’s, elected by the whole Township. The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer, and may propose Ordinances and Resolutions for Council consideration, but does not vote. The Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers, Municipal Building, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30 P.M. and as needed Conference Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at TBD. The “Open Public Meetings Act”, commonly known as the “Sunshine Law”, now provides that citizens may sit in on the business of both Regular & Conference Meetings. However, the public is not permitted to attend “Closed Sessions” of these meetings. The “Closed Sessions” are usually related to matters in litigation or personnel issues.


Council action may be decided in the form of an Ordinance or Resolution or by a simple motion. Ordinances are laws enacted by the Council and are usually of a permanent effect. There is a specific procedure for passing an Ordinance. The Ordinance is introduced by title only by a majority vote, printed in summary in the “Herald News” with notice of the specific time, date, and place for a public hearing, at which time citizens may be heard on the item in question. (Reprints of Ordinances are available at the Clerk’s Office) After the public hearing is held Council votes on adoption of same by a majority vote. (Emergency and Bonding Ordinances require a two-thirds vote of approval of the full Council for passage.)


Many official actions of the Township may be accomplished by a Resolution of the Council. These include approvals of the annual budget, acceptance of bids, awarding of contracts and payment of bills, and various miscellaneous matters. A Resolution only requires one reading (adopted the same night it’s introduced).


Some official actions are handled through adopting a Consent Agenda. Consent Agendas provide for rapid, effective action on routine, non-controversial matters needing no discussion. A Consent Agenda includes routine items of business that are not controversial and do not require individual discussion. These items are generally meeting minutes, licenses, and permits. To adopt a Consent Agenda, it is moved, seconded then voted upon as one item by the Governing Body. If any discussion is requested on a Consent Agenda item, it is removed from the Consent Agenda and discussed separately.


Prior to the Council meeting adjourning, the meeting is opened to the public. This gives a citizen the floor for five minutes to address the Council on any matter that is of concern to them. After citizens have had an opportunity to speak, the public portion is closed and the Council and/or the Administration may address any inquiries. (There is no cross dialogue during the public portion).

Meetings are televised on Wayne Municipal Cablecasting – TV77.

Agendas are available the Friday prior to the meeting in the Municipal Clerk’s Office, available in the Council Chambers the night of the meeting, as well as on this Internet site: View current meeting Schedule and Agendas.

Information about voting in Wayne New Jersey can be obtained by clicking here.