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Wayne Police Emergency Notification System

In our efforts to provide reliable notification of emergencies to our community, Wayne Township uses an Emergency Notification System with enhanced features and capabilities, enabling us to send out mass telephone calls, text messages and/or emails to specific people or specific areas of the Township in the event of an emergency.   The system simultaneously uses four communication centers located across the United States to blanket Wayne Township with notification of emergencies by traditional and IP telephone, cellular telephone, text messaging and email.
We can make mass notification phone calls, supplemented by text messaging and email to increase the notifications tremendously! The enhanced system is capable of trying multiple telephone numbers in its attempt to complete a notification to any individual or location, and it knows which one was successful so that it does not need to keep trying alternate means.
While Wayne Township already maintains a confidential listing of every phone number in the township supplied through the State of New Jersey’s 911 network, we do not have the means to obtain listings of the ever changing cell phone numbers, text message numbers and email addresses of every individual who lives, works or frequents Wayne Township.
To enhance our Emergency Notification listings, we request your assistance in building and maintaining current information about people and locations in Wayne Township by registering your personal contact information, be it for your home, business or any frequented location.
  • Submit multiple registrations for every individual associated with a specific location who has their own means of contact (cellular phone, email, business phone, etc.), as well as submitting multiple registrations for every address each individual is associated with inside Wayne’s borders.
  • The address documented must be in Wayne, but the phone number can be for anywhere!
  • The Primary Phone Number below should not be your traditional landline telephone number at the location in Wayne as we already have that as part of our 911 database.  In most cases the Primary Phone Number should be your cellular number or work number, and you should not list your home landline number in Wayne at all.
  • You may also update or remove yourself from our lists by selecting the appropriate options.
  • Additionally, please be advised that before your registration is listed in our system, you will be contacted to review the data and authenticate your information, except during major emergencies when the Township reserves the right to update listing globally and without verification.
Download and Disseminate Printable Application Version
Or, Call the Emergency Notification Unit at 973-406-3944
(Emergencies, Call 911)