There are no active Watches or Warnings at this time

This is a message from the Wayne Police Department Office of Emergency Management: There are no active Watches or Warnings at this time.

Residents are always urged to stay alert for Watches and Warnings on this website, the OEM telephone bulletin board at 973-694-5050, Public Education and Government (PEG) TV, Wayne AM Emergency Radio and mainstream media and by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Watches (Alerts) and Warnings:

It's important to stay aware of severe weather watches or alerts, and warnings, and to know how to react.

  • A "watch" or "alert" means that conditions are favorable for severe conditions. When a "watch" or "alert" is issued, you should be alert for the POTENTIAL for severe conditions. You can proceed with your plans, however you should be "on the lookout" for changing conditions and be ready.
  • A "warning" means severe weather is imminent or occurring, and action should be immediate.