Passaic County New Jersey

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Winter Weather Tips!

Frozen PipesFrozen Water Pipes:

  • Cold weather & icy temps can cause water pipes & meters to freeze. Be sure everyone knows how to shut off the water into your home, which is usually at the water meter.
  • If your meter is frozen call the Water Division at 973-694-5090 Mon – Fri  7:00 am – 3:30 pm All other hours call police at 973-694-0600
  • Seal drafty cracks in basement, garage or crawl space where water pipes & meter are. Keep doors & windows shut tightly & provide adequate heat to these areas.
  • Insulate all exposed water pipes, using pipe insulation or even several layers of newspapers Insulate your water meter.
  • If you have a frozen pipe, try to thaw by carefully using an electric heater, hair dryer or heating pad. DO NOT use direct flame or boiling water. This can break the pipe.

More information on frozen pipes can be found here.

Snow Fall Events:

  • During times of active snowfall the snow desk is manned for questions/complaints 973-694-6909 ext-4310
  • Parking on Roads is PROHIBITED Parked cars restrict snow removal and could be damaged by passing snow plows & salt trucks.
  • Residents are urged to restrict travel, to allow salt trucks & plows to remove snow from roads safely.