Passaic County New Jersey

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Division of Purchasing

The Division of Purchasing is headed by the Director of Purchasing and is located in the Administrative Wing of Town Hall. The Division of Purchasing is responsible for ensuring Township compliance with New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law.

All Township vendors must provide their Business Registration Certificate.

All Township goods or services vendors that are awarded, renewed, amended, or extended contracts are required to certify that they are not identified on the OFAC list due to activity related to Russia and/or Belarus at Certification of Non‐Involvement in Prohibited Activities in Russia or Belarus.

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:32-57, et seq. (P.L. 2012, c.25 and P.L. 2021, c.4) any person or entity that submits a bid or proposal or otherwise proposes to enter into or renew a contract must certify that neither the person nor entity, nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates, is identified on the New Jersey Department of the Treasury’s Chapter 25 List as a person or entity engaged in investment activities in Iran. The Chapter 25 list is found on the Division’s website at Township vendors shall certify at Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran.

All bid specifications and addenda are available online at Current Opportunities. The Township is not responsible for third party supplied documents.

For information, questions, or appointments, please call the Division of Purchasing at 973-694-1800 ext. 3249 or 3251 or by email.

Division of Purchasing Staff

Eileen Kuca, MBA, QPA, RMC, CPM
Director of Purchasing

Nicole Lee, QPA, RPPS
Specifications Writer

Donna Fricker
Purchasing Specialist

Donna Pellington
Purchasing Specialist