Passaic County New Jersey

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Affordable Housing Overview


Wayne Township is working to make affordable housing available to qualified low, and moderate-income families, individuals, seniors, and persons with disabilities. The Township’s efforts include assisting qualified individuals and families in obtaining affordable housing as well as in meeting the State’s constitutional obligation to create a realistic opportunity for the creation of affordable units. Links to affordable housing information can be found in the menu on the left.

Accessing Affordable Units

The State of New Jersey establishes regional income limits that determine whether an individual or family meets the threshold to qualify for affordable housing. To find these regional limits, click on “NJ Regional Income Limits.”

If you are interested in purchasing an affordable housing unit, you can find applications for available-for-sale units by clicking “Affordable Housing Application” in the menu to the left. If no such units are available, you can add your name to the affordable housing waiting list by clicking “Preliminary Interest Application.”

The Township does not manage affordable rental units, however, if you are interested in finding an affordable rental unit in Wayne, you can find contact information by clicking “Local Affordable Housing Contacts” in the menu to the left. If you would like to find other affordable housing assistance, click “Additional Housing Resources.”

Affordable Housing/Mt. Laurel Settlement

The State of New Jersey requires that municipalities create a realistic opportunity for the creation of affordable housing units through what has come to be known as the Mt. Laurel Doctrine. For more information on the Mt. Laurel Doctrine and the Township’s conformance with this constitutional requirement, click on “Mt. Laurel Settlement.”

Contact: Affordable Housing
Physical Address: 475 Valley Road, Wayne NJ 07470
Phone Number: 973-694-1800 x3375
Hours: Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM