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Van Duyne House Tour

Van Duyne House Museum
The Van Duyne House Museum, 533 Berdan Ave., Wayne, was placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places because of its unique construction and design in criterion C. An example of Dutch Colonial and Dutch-American architecture, the house has a cornerstone of 1706. The early 1700s Dutch Colonial period is marked by evidence of one huge fireplace without sides, called a jambless fireplace. In the earlier period, Giles Mead inherited the house from his father, John Mead, owner of two lots in the Lower Pequannoc Patent in the Mountain View area of what is now Wayne. Most likely in the mid-1700s, the house was changed to reflect a new construction design, Dutch-American. This “vernacular” architectural type was not architect-designed. It is characterized by two massive opposite facing fireplaces, two rooms, two front and two back doors. The stone house Dutch Colonial and Dutch-
American architecture exists nowhere else in the world. The interior has 1700s (18th Century) furnishings, spinning and weaving tools. The house was saved and moved from its original site on Old Fairfield Road in 1974 due to the widening of Route 23.

Photos from the Van Duyne House