Passaic County New Jersey

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Assessments FAQ

Can I get ownership, block & lot, sale price, deed book and page, or assessment information?
You can get this information at the NJ Assessment Records Search. You can search by Owner’s name, property location or block and lot or you can contact the Assessment Department.

How was my assessment determined?
Tax assessments are based on the market value of your property. Direct Sales Comparison, Cost, and Income Approaches are used to determine market value.

What if I disagree with my assessment?
Assessment appeals must be filed with the Passaic County Tax Board, the Tax Assessor, and the Township Clerk by April 1 of the Tax Year. Forms and instructions are available from the Passaic County Tax Board, Tax Assessors’ Office, or our Assessment Documents page.

Can I obtain a copy of my property record card?
You can request a copy of your property record card by calling or stopping by the Assessment Department.

Is there any way to know in advance how improving our home in certain ways may affect our property value as well as future taxes we will pay?
A detailed plan can be dropped off at the assessor’s office and an estimate of assessed value for the current year can be given. Taxes can be calculated by applying the current tax rate.

Can I get a copy of my deed?
If we have a copy on file, you can receive a copy of your deed by calling or stopping by the Assessment Department or via the Passaic County Clerk’s website.

Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights