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Bingo Night

For Special Adults Ages 18 & Up,
At Found Abilities, 30 Woodridge Road, Wayne, NJ

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The Wayne Environmental Commission meets at 7:30 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room in the Administration Wing of the Municipal Building at 475 Valley Road. 
If you need to email or to get in contact with a board member, click here.

Wayne Environmental Commission (WEC)

Meeting Calendar Year 2023

Mayor’s Conference Room at 7:30 pm

01/17/2023                            Tuesday

02/21/2023                            Tuesday

03/21/2023                            Tuesday

03/25/2023                            Tuesday

04/18/2023                            Tuesday

05/16/2023                            Tuesday

06/20/2023                            Tuesday

09/19/2023                            Tuesday

10/17/2023                            Tuesday

11/21/2023                            Tuesday

12/19/2023                            Tuesday

01/16/2023                            Tuesday