Passaic County New Jersey

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Procedures for New Water Meter Installations

Water and Sewer


New meters for service lines up to 2” in diameter are installed by the Division of Water.

Meters over two inches are installed, operated, and maintained in proper operating condition by the building owner at their expense. Meters and remotes must be compatible with the current meter reading system. The Water Division will install the remote reading unit on large meters (two inches and larger) after the owner has completed the installation of the meter and the remote wire and paid all fees.

Meter Settings

The meter setting, including all piping, valves, and the wire for the remote reading device, must be installed by the owner. Connections at the meter shall be arranged so that the Water Division will not be required to do any pipe fitting but will only have to connect the meter by means of unions already in place. The union connections and any other piping required for installing the meter shall be installed at the expense of the owner and shall remain as part of the permanent piping of the building. Ball valves must be installed on either side of the meter; one on the street side and one on the consumer side. An approved pressure-reducing valve shall be installed after the meter on the consumer side of the service. If required, a backflow preventer shall be installed after the meter and the valve on the consumer side of the meter.

Remote Readers

Provisions for remote readers shall include one-half-inch-diameter electrical thin wall steel or aluminum tubing where remote register wiring passes through masonry or finished drywall. The ends of the tubing shall be furnished with fiber bushings.

The remote wire shall be three (3) single strand conductors, insulated 22AWG copper wire encased in a heavy vinyl sheath and color-coded. The owner must install this wire from a point within two feet of the water meter to a location on the exterior of the building, five feet above exterior finish grade and within three feet of the exterior electric company utility meter. A five-foot length of wire must be coiled at each end of the wire run to allow slack for the installation of the remote reader.

Meter Installations

The meter setting and remote wire must be approved by the Township Plumbing Code Official prior to the meter being installed by the Township.

No meters will be installed until the Water Division receives the approval paperwork from the Plumbing Code Official and proof of payment of all fees.

Once all paperwork is received, a minimum notice of two business days is required to schedule a water meter installation.

Please call 973-694-5090, extension 4220 to schedule a meter installation once all inspections have been completed and all approvals have been obtained.