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The Sanitary Sewer System is designed for sanitary wastewater only. The Code of the Township of Wayne and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection prohibit the connection of sump pumps, storm water drains, roof drains, foundation drains, surface runoff, or ground water drains to the sanitary sewer system.

When storm related flows and sump pumps are allowed to discharge into the sanitary sewer there is a real danger of surcharging the sewer system, causing sewer manhole overflows, possible backups into homes and increased sewer treatment costs.

The Wayne Sewer Division is working to identify and remove these “extraneous” flow sources. All sump pumps, roof, basement drains and other storm water connections must be disconnected from the sanitary sewer system and directed to the storm water drainage system.

Sewer Division staff inspect the sanitary sewer system throughout the Township. As unauthorized connections are identified, property and building owners will be notified. Elimination of these flows from the sanitary sewer system will be required.

The Wayne Code provides penalties for the failure to comply with a notice to disconnect an illegal connection. The Sewer Division staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Your help in eliminating unauthorized connections is needed. If you have any questions, or would like the Sewer Division to inspect your connection, please call 973 694 5090 to schedule an appointment.