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Investigations Division

Wayne Police


Spring Night Court 2024

Surrogate Judge Zoila Cassanova, Esq. is pleased to announce our Night Court schedule for Spring 2024.

2024 High School Voter Registration Week

From April 14 through April 20, 2024, an increased statewide focus is directed towards ensuring high school students are aware of the importance of their voices being heard through their vote.

The commander of the Criminal Investigation Division is:
Detective Captain Daniel J. Daly

Criminal Investigations/Detective Bureau (CIDB)

The Criminal Investigations/Detective Bureau investigate all adult and juvenile criminal offenses that are reported. The Detective Bureau is staffed with men and women who are specially trained to conduct criminal investigations. Detectives continually receive training to assist in their investigative duties and enhance their skills. Investigated complaints either come indirectly by telephone or in-person. CIDB investigates all incidents of burglary, robbery aggravated assault, fraud, theft, homicide, sexual assault, arson, and all other offenses against people and property. The Detective Bureau’s primary responsibility is to conduct follow-up investigations of all adult and juvenile criminal matters referred to them by the Patrol Division. Detectives also conduct their own investigations by developing and maintaining sources of intelligence regarding criminal activity occurring within the town. The Detective Bureau also works closely with neighboring agencies as well as the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, N.J. State Police, FBI, DEA, US Postal Inspectors, Office of Homeland Security, and US Secret Service regarding investigations or criminal matters that may impact our service clientele.

The work is varied in the Criminal Investigative/Detective Bureau (CIDB), from investigating crimes to conducting administrative background investigations for police applicants, investigations regarding general licensing purposes and liquor establishments to the responsibility for maintaining the storage of all evidence, weapons, contraband, and seized property in the Police Property Room.

The Arson Investigation Unit (AIU) work closely with the Passaic County Prosecutors Office, Wayne Fire Bureau in investigating fires that are determined to be suspicious in nature or result in loss of life.

The Criminal Investigation/Detectives Bureau (CIDB) is responsible for monitoring all sex offenders required to register under the New Jersey State Megan’s Law residing in Wayne.

The members of the CIDB respond to all youth-related matters (Criminal and non-criminal). They work very closely with the Passaic County Prosecutors Juvenile Unit, Passaic County Juvenile Probation Department, and NJ State Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS). In addition, they organize and run all proactive police “outreach” programs with the youths of our community, L.E.A.D & the Youth Police Academy to name a few.

Criminal Investigations/Detective Bureau Special Operations / Narcotics and Vice Squad

The Special Operations / Narcotics Unit consists of proactive detectives that are specialists in conducting narcotics, gambling, and vice investigations. This unit conducts surface and undercover investigations, work a varied schedule that is dictated by the type of criminal investigations, and proactive street-level enforcement operations that are conducted. When required, the special operations unit works closely with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies DEA, Passaic County Narcotics Task Force, New Jersey State Police). The main focus of this versatile unit is conducting narcotics investigations in Wayne Township. However, the unit also conducts prostitution, gambling, anti-crime, and anti-burglary, terrorism, and alcoholic beverage control investigations/enforcement. In addition, the unit can instruct drug education courses such as “L.E.A.D.”, participates in community drug forums, conducts public lectures on narcotics-related topics, and hosts prescription pill collection drives such as “operation take back New Jersey.” The special operations/narcotics unit strongly encourages residents and concerned citizens to report complaints regarding criminal activity to Wayne police headquarters or the “Narcotics Tips Line” at 973-633-3587. All complaints regarding criminal activity are kept confidential.

Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU)

The CNU maintains an immediate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operational response capability to conduct and manage on-scene negotiations during any significant crisis event Township wide. Crisis negotiation is a law enforcement technique used to communicate with people who are threatening violence (workplace or domestic violence, suicide, or more rarely, terrorism), including barricaded subjects, stalkers, criminals attempting to escape, and most famously, hostage-takers.

The members of the unit are trained quarterly in an effort to maintain skills required for this tedious assignment. The CNU is staffed by a Detective Sergeant, 10 Officers, and Detectives from various disciplines. The unit has adopted the Latin phrase “Pax per Conloquium,” “resolution through dialogue,” as its motto.

Wayne Domestic Violence Response Team (WDVRT)

The Wayne Domestic Violence Response Team is presently comprised of civilian volunteers who have undergone a complete criminal background and completed 40 hours of training with the assistance of the Passaic County Women’s Centre. Because of their training, these volunteers can give information and referral services to the victims of Domestic Violence. All Domestic Violence victims that come in contact with the Wayne Police Department are offered their services at the time of intervention, any victim of Domestic Violence may seek their services at the Wayne Police Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to their certification, all conversations between the victim and counselor are strictly confidential with the exceptions of child abuse, homicide, and suicide. This valuable tool is coordinated by Detective Sergeants who serve as the Townships Liaison to the citizens who staff this group of valuable volunteers.

School Resource Officer’s assigned to the Criminal Investigation/Detective Bureau

School Resource Officers (S.R.O.’s) assigned to The Criminal Investigation/Detectives Bureau (CIDB) and are positioned on a full-time schedule in the township’s public high schools and middle schools

The SRO assume three primary functionary roles in the school community:

  • As an Instructor – The SRO will provide a variety of educational opportunities to the school community through law-related presentations for students, faculty, and parents.
  • As A Resource Provider – The SRO can provide informal counseling to students and parents. This counseling can range from the mediation of student problems to guiding students and parents to the appropriate agency.
  • As A Police Officer – The SRO will be a positive law enforcement presence in the school community and act as a role model for students. Uniformed officers also present a deterrent to violence, drug use, vandalism, and theft. Their presence will provide an immediate increase in safety and security for both students and staff.
 Duties of the Assigned SRO:
  • The duties to be performed by each SRO are directed by Wayne Chief of Police, through the Police Dept. chain of command, in cooperation with Wayne School Superintendent, and/or his designee.
  • The SRO at all times will act as a role model to students and faculty by demonstrating appropriate attitude, behaviors, courtesy, and respect.
  • The SRO will provide assistance in programs for peer mediation, conflict resolution, and peer leadership.
  • The SRO will be certified by the State of New Jersey, Department of Education, to substitute teach in Passaic County Schools. He/She will offer specialized, short-term programs involving a range of topics such as security, crime prevention, drug and alcohol resistance education, and the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
  • The SRO will attend school functions, such as athletic events, dances, canteens, field trips, and when requested, faculty, PTA, and Board of Education meetings to provide additional support and visibility.
  • The SRO will assist school personnel in dealing with emergencies and recommend security measures, where needed.
  • The SRO will take all necessary action to ensure the safety of all school personnel. This includes warning, detaining, citing, and/or taking violators of the law into custody, when warranted.

Contact information for Wayne School Resource Officers:

Detective Raymond CaroniaWayne Valley High School 973-317-2207
Detective Eugene FosterWayne Hills High School 973-317-2051
Detective Kristin MikolajczykGeorge Washington Middle School 973-633-3140 ext. 18
Detective John BarrowsAnthony Wayne Middle School 973-389-2120 ext. 3009
Detective Bryan HackettSchuyler-Colfax Middle School 973-633-3130 ext. 5009

Criminal Investigations/Detective Bureau (CIDB), Community Policing Activities:

  • The Police Liaison for the Wayne Alliance against Drug and Alcohol Abuse.
  • Since 1998, Officers conducted their Junior Police Academy. This unique and highly successful program involved 80 children ages 10 to 12. This is an all-day program supervised by volunteer Wayne Police Officers. Outside agencies such as the F.B.I., Passaic County Sheriff’s Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, New Jersey Transit Police, Wayne First Aid Squad, Wayne Volunteer Fire Companies, and the New Jersey State Police Helicopter Unit also participated. In addition, the members participate in Home and Business Security Surveys for local residents and companies.
  • The Senior Police Academy is a program developed by the Community Policing Unit in partnership with Chilton Memorial Hospital’s New Vitality. The program is made possible by a grant from the Wayne Alliance. It has proved to be extremely successful and won national recognition in 2003. During the 4-week course, the participants learn about Neighborhood Crime Watch, defensive driving and pedestrian safety, along with fraud and scams directed at seniors, crime prevention, alcoholism, and gambling. The cadets also spend a session at the Passaic County Police Academy and receive self-defense instruction. The program is offered annually in October.
  • DNA Life Print Program The program took DNA samples from children aged infant to twelve years of age. The samples were given to the parents to be used in the event that their children need to be identified at a later date.
  • Internet Safety This program consists of a 45-minute lecture given to every fourth grade in the township. Topics discussed are how to avoid strangers and stalkers on the Internet, how to avoid giving out any personal information, and how to be safe while surfing the web.