Passaic County New Jersey

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Operations Division

Wayne Police


  The commander of the Operations Division is:
Detective Captain Jason Goller
Communications Bureau

The Communications Bureau is staffed with E-911 and EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) certified Supervisors and civilian Public Safety Telecommunicators who are responsible for all emergency services dispatching for the police, fire, and the first aid squad. All 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls are received by the personnel in this bureau. In addition, they monitor other emergency radio frequencies, computer terminals, and an assortment of alarm operations.

Applicants interested in a career as a civilian Public Safety Telecommunicator should apply through the Township Human Resources Department.

Bureau of Special Services
The Bureau of Special Services has diverse functions. One primary function is the Academy Training Programs for the department. This office schedules all the training for civilian and non-civilian personnel. In addition, all the planning for Special Police officers and the School Crossing Guard Program is coordinated here. Also schedules extra duty work when off-duty police officers are needed or required. Lastly, all new recruits for the department are processed through this office.

Off-Duty Employment Form

Records and Identification Bureau
All police reports, firearm permits, canvasser’s permits, citizenship, and character letters are done through this bureau. They also maintain the Live Scan Automated Fingerprint System which is used for criminal fingerprinting. Copies of all police reports can be obtained from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The office stays open late on Tuesdays, until 7:00PM.

Police reports are available within three working days after the officer takes the report, including accident reports.

 Fees for reports are as follows:

Pages 1-1075¢ per page
Pages 11-2050¢ per page
Pages 21+25¢ per page

At the discretion of the Records Bureau, a deposit may be required for large requests. Tapes, maps, hearing transcripts, exhibits, drawings, etc. will be charged based upon the actual cost to the agency for reproduction. The Custodian of Records will inform the requestor of these special charges and elicit agreement in writing prior to reproduction.

Wayne Police Motor Vehicle Accident reports are available online 24/7 in partnership with CARFAX. 

For access please visit:

Reports are normally approved and posted within 7 days from the date the accident occurred. All fees established pursuant to the New Jersey State Statute.

Wayne Police ORI # is NJ0161400

The Record and Identification Bureau also handles all Firearms Purchaser ID Card and Purchaser Permit applications, including duplicate, lost, and change of address documentation.

Firearms Information – New Jersey State Police

Firearms Application

Handicapped ID Placards 

Temporary Handicapped Placards are valid for 6 months and are available to any person with a temporary disability.  Below is a link to the application which must be completed by the applicant and signed by a physician.  Wayne residents must return the completed application to the Wayne Police Records Bureau during their normal business hours. 

Temporary Disability Form

If you have lost the use of one or more limbs or you are permanently disabled and cannot move without an assisting device, you are eligible for handicapped plates and a placard that gives you special parking privileges.

Permanent placards or license plates are obtained through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Permanent Disability Form

OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request
OPRA is the State statute that replaces the old “Right to Know Law” which governs the public’s access to government records in New Jersey.  The law is compiled in the statutes as N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq. Specifically, OPRA is intended to: 

1.  Expand the public’s right of access to government records
2.  Create an administrative appeals process if access is denied
3.  Define what records are and are not “government records”

Request for Police Department Public Records

For more information on OPRA see the Citizen’s Guide to the Open Public Records Act.