Passaic County New Jersey

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Police Impound

Wayne Police



How to retrieve a vehicle towed from the scene of an incident involving the Wayne Police Department.

Vehicles towed because they are disabled (this includes most crashes) are not impounds and do not need release authorization from the Wayne Police Department.
Contact the tow company directly to retrieve your vehicle, DO NOT contact the Wayne Police Department. 

Camps Auto and Truck (973) 694 6798
J and M Towing(973) 696 9390
Criger Service, Inc(973) 227 5090
Ravens Towing(973) 694 3737

For release of impounded vehicles, the “Wayne Police Department Impounded Vehicle Release” authorization form must be obtained from the Wayne Police Department Records Bureau during normal hours of operation. The release can only be authorized if the conditions are met in the below referenced policy and procedure excerpt.

Wayne Police Records Bureau Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday (except holidays)
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday nights until 7:00 p.m.

Volume 3, Chapter 20, Procedure V
Motor Vehicle Impound and Inventory

  1. No vehicle impounded for criminally-related purposes can be released without authorization from the Investigator.
  2. Vehicles seized for forfeiture purposes shall not be returned to the owner without written authorization from the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.
  3. No vehicle impounded pursuant to this policy shall be released unless the person claiming the vehicle:
    1. Presents a valid operator’s license, proof of ownership or lawful authority to operate the motor vehicle (such as a notarized letter);
    2. Presents proof of valid insurance for that vehicle. (NOTE: the recovery or salvage of the impounded motor vehicle by, or on behalf of, an insurer, financial institution or other lending entity, shall not require proof of valid motor vehicle insurance for that vehicle (NJSA 39: 3-40.6).
    3. Must be able to operate the vehicle in a safe manner and not otherwise be in violation of the New Jersey Motor & Traffic code, Title 39; and
    4. Meets the conditions of NJSA 39:4-50.22;
    5. Meets any other conditions for release established by this department (e.g., unregistered vehicles must be registered prior to release or must be towed from the storage facility, etc.)
  4. All documentation shall be presented at police headquarters and verified before release.