Passaic County New Jersey

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Engineering Documents

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Blasting Permits
Checklist for Commercial Site Plan
Checklist for Residential Site Plan
Concrete Curb Detail
Engineering Grading Permit Application
Engineering Grading Permit Application Information Sheet
Engineering Street Permit Application
Environmental Protection Calculation – Individual Lot
Environmental Protection Calculation – Building Lots
Flood Plain Mgmt Plan 5-2014
Flood Plain Mgmt Plan Review 10-2018
Flood Plain Mgmt Plan Review Rev 1 12-2017
Flood Recovery and Debris Collection
How to use the iDV
NJ Floodplain QuickGuide
No Wipes in the Pipes
Roadway & Landscape Restoration Curb & Sidewalk
Sidewalk and Driveway Apron
Basic Street Sign Detail
Bicycle Safe Inlet Grate
Sidewalk and Piping
Inlet Type J ECO Curb Piece
Sidewalk & Drain Detail for Driveway Areas
Sidewalk and Drain Detail
Silt Fence
Typical Industrial Street Section
Typical Sidewalk Section
Typical Residential Street Section
Building Sewer Connection and Clean Out Detail
Doghouse Manhole
Drainage Inlets and Manholes 24×36
Drainage Swales
Driveway Profile and Section
Granite Block Curb
Handicap Curb Ramps 24×36
Industrial Street Typical Section
Inlet Type N Curb Piece
Pavement Repair 5 Year Resurfacing
Pavement Trench Repair
Residential Street Typical Section
Sanitary Drop Manhole
Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Manhole
Sanitary Sewer Manhole Cover
Sanitary Sewer Manholes 24×36
Sanitary Sewer Pressure Connection & Cleanout
Sewer Crossing
Traffic Sign Installation
Utility Crossing Concrete
Water line blowoff and sampling tap
Water Line Flushing Connection
Water Line Relocation
Water Main and Hydrant Detail
Water Manhole
Water Service Connection